Phloxcoin (PLX)

Phloxcoin (PLX)

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    Phloxcoin’s mission is to enhance financial infrastructure with a state-of-the-art technology that is convenient, efficient, & interoperable ecosystem with compliance tools that establish a universal framework for security token on Phloxcoin Blockchain for Building Security Token. Collateral as a service Phloxcoin collateralization is tested, audited, and freely available for anyone to use. It’s easy to build apps that lock and unlock Phloxcoin on demand to secure transfers, enable lending, and make value move more quickly. Phloxcoin was designed to be as flexible and future-proof as possible. Phloxcoin’s open-source license makes it possible to create and deploy custom collateral managers for your app to interface with Phloxcoin on your own terms. Phloxcoin also simplifies network reward distribution once a transfer is complete. The Phloxcoin smart contracts offer a variety of built-in incentive models, including micro-distributions and continuous compounding.
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