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SPU+ (Spurt Plus)

Project basic information

Issue Time:--

Total Supply:700,000,000,000

Circulation :--

White paper:--


Block Explorer:

Project Introduction

Spurt Plus’s focal point and main objective is to be a leading community-centered cryptocurrency, accordingly allowing its global token holders to participate in the investment of globally diversified portfolios of real estate, and other projects with a social impact, while also wielding a flexible cryptocurrency that can be used for payments on variety of websites and apps. Spurt Plus will also allow its token holders to participate in the mergers and acquisitions of social projects that impact areas of financial technology, natural resources, wind & solar developments, sporting events, entertainment events, concerts, community development, to name a few. Also, Spurt Plus’s token holders shall receive additional value such as business to business exchanges for goods and services and trading and swaps with other cryptocurrencies.