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Luminos ( LUMI )

Project basic information

Issue Time:2021-08-10

Total Supply:5,000,000,000

Circulation :148,584,035

White paper: -----


Block Explorer:Luminos Mining Protocol (LUMI) | BscScan

Project Introduction

An Initiative by Luminos Graha Group, to Create a Bridge between the DeFi System and Offline Businesses With Real World Applications and Solve Real World Problems.​

We have researched and developed many solutions to help tackle these problems. To begin with, Luminos Mining Protocol is a mining project with advanced technologies, highly qualified and experienced staff, which would help put the safety of workers first and ensure quality of ore with a certificate for its quality. In addition, Luminos aims to incorporate blockchain technology to keep transactions traceable. We leverage blockchain to enable stakeholders to stay connected on a chain, thus enabling a secure exchange of trade documents through the use of smart contracts.

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