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G9TRO Crowdfunding Platform

Project basic information

Issue Time:2020-08-19

Total Supply:500,000,000

Circulation :34,226,583

White paper:---


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Project Introduction

The Go9Tro Wireless LLC (“Go9Tro ”) is a for-profit Limited Liability Company formed in Wyoming in 2020 to oversee the development and implementation of a fully decentralized, global telecommunications data network, to be known as the Go9Tro Network. The network will be powered by innovative technology being developed by a team of technology, business, and legal experts from around the world. Go9Tro ’s vision is that the Go9Tro Network will be communally and jointly owned by the infrastructure owners, and not a centralized entity. Go9Tro will ensure the administration and governance of the network, as the network itself is unable to self-fulfill these functions. The initial constituent parts of the Go9Tro Network, described in this document, have been developed by the members and form a part of the intellectual property portfolio of Go9Tro . Solution providers will be able to develop and introduce further hardware and software, enhancing the functionality and features of the network under licensing by Go9Tro .