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ARPA (Arpa Chain)

Project basic information

Issue Time:--

Total Supply:1,500,000,000

Circulation :948,937,417

White paper:


Block Explorer:

Project Introduction

ARPA is a global research & development entrepreneurial team. Every team member has studied and worked overseas. We graduated from top tier institutions like Tsinghua, CMU, UMich, NYU, GWU, UC Berkeley, and UI, and worked at Google, Uber, Amazon, CircleUp, Fosun, MIT Lab, and National Cryptographic Labs. Research-wise, we work closely with professors from NYU, Zhejiang University, and Hong Kong Polytechnic to discuss the cutting edge academic achievements of sMPC and explore its applications. Blockchain-wise, our advisors include former Blockstream Product Director, the world's first side-chain core R&D member, founder of TechCrunch, and investors from top cryptocurrency funds.

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