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BBI ( BigBoys )

Project basic information

Issue Time:2020-11-23

Total Supply:100,000,000

Circulation :100,000

White paper:---


Block Explorer:

Project Introduction

BigBoys Industry (BBI) is an open blockchain protocol founded in 2020 by Via East West Capital (VEWC). VEWC has launched a new blockchain commodity trading platform called ‘BigBoys Industry’. This all-new investment platform is equipped with tools that enable our investors to monitor and deploy mining operations directly through our dashboard to real-world mining facilities, generating real-time mineral resources across the globe. VEWC has digitized mineral production from mining facilities, allowing for all commodities produced to be registered automatically on our commodity trading platform as Digital Asset. Investors will be able to invest in the mine with our cryptocurrency known as the BBI Token. Today, the mineral supply chain suffers from complex issues that have multi-faceted causes, a lack of transparencies towards investors within commodity trading, and an increasing amount of environmental regulatory challenges. Investors & Commodity Traders who trade Gold at market price will be able to use the new ‘BigBoys Industry’ platform to invest and trade gold at production price, which is significantly lower than market price. Facilitating the companies and investors that we work with, the ability to access sensitive information securely & transparently, ranging from production data, profit and even other mineral resources to be traded. These digital assets can be sold & traded by investors based upon the market price of gold. Besides this, investors can seek the option of bringing back their gold.