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Coin/Token Last Price Change (24h) 24h High 24h Low 24h volume Trade
Tarmex - BTC BTC (Bitcoin) $23062.7008 -3.5% 24104.5500 22865.0000 599582.273 Trade
Tarmex - DASH DASH (Dash) $52.3030000 -3.85% 58.6000000 52.2000000 98302.8609 Trade
Tarmex - DOGE DOGE (Doge) $0.06862200 -1.97% 0.07500000 0.06743000 27062.8231 Trade
Tarmex - ETH ETH (Ethereum) $1686.81600 -5.18% 1799.32000 1667.93000 529860.865 Trade
Tarmex - LTC LTC (Litecoin) $58.9130000 -6.18% 63.5300000 58.2000000 83706.1885 Trade
Tarmex - SHIB SHIB (Shiba) $0.00001196 -3.23% 0.00001285 0.00001169 43892.5847 Trade
Tarmex - TARM TARM (Tarmex) $0.00142500 2.15% 0.00145400 0.00139300 86508.0871 Trade
Tarmex - TRX TRX (Tron) $0.06872400 -2.2% 0.07100000 0.06825000 301306.028 Trade
Tarmex - XMR XMR (Monero) $156.836000 -5.99% 172.000000 155.100000 46028.3861 Trade
Tarmex - XRP XRP (Ripple) $0.36490000 -3.97% 0.38330000 0.36060000 195925.545 Trade


Trade Crypto

Tarmex payment

Payment Options

Easy purchase cryptocurrencies, buy sell crypto in minutes using your debit or credit card. Withdraw to a card or bank account in a shortest time.

Tarmex security

Strong security

Tarmex providing protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, cryptocurrency cold storage, strict PCI DSS standards to protect your funds

Tarmex support

24/7 Support

We are providing 24/7 online customer support via email and phone to ensure quick and readily available support when needed.


We are offering one of the best services for lowest fees for takers and makers, special conditions for high-volume traders and flexible offers for market makers

Tarmex orderbook

High Liquidity

With a built in AI, Tarmex offering advanced order matching algorithms, a high-liquidity order book, favorable conditions for market making, high-frequency trading.

Tarmex API

API Integration

Tarmex supporting API. The API request endpoints are intended to allow access to market data. Endpoints return results in JSON format.


Easy Trade with TARMEX mobile app

Mobile Application Coming Soon

We are TARMEX, consistently rated the best and most secure cryptocurrency exchange.

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